Sucre spices up Carnival with limited-edition, Tabasco-flavored King Cake

The latest culinary creation from Sucre puts a unique twist on a Mardi Gras classic. Sucre partners with Tabasco for a new king cake, the Sugar + Spice King Cake.

Photo courtesy: Sucre

According to the bakery, the king cake is made with a braided, buttery dough sweetened with cinnamon and sugar. Unlike the bakery’s traditional version, the Sugar + Spice King Cake is filled with a single bean Swiss chocolate whipped cream cheese filling that is accented with TABASCO Habanero Sauce, which adds hints of mango, papaya, and banana, to strike the perfect balance of sweet and heat.

Tabasco just recently celebrated its 150th birthday.

In lieu of a small plastic baby, you can expect to find a mini TABASCO Sauce bottle inside the Sucré Sugar + Spice King Cake, which will bring good fortune and good flavor to the lucky reveler who finds it.

Photo courtesy: Sucre

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You can get your Sweet + Spice King Cake on Sucre’s website starting January 6th.

Orders must be placed by March 3 by 3 p.m. in order for it to arrive in time for your Carnival celebration!

The Sucré Sugar + Spice King Cake costs $27 for one or $25 each for two or more and can be purchased at beginning January 6, 2019.

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