6 Essential Tailgating Hacks Everyone Should Know

Tailgating, like any other party, takes tons of planning. Before you gear up for your next game day, take note of these essential tailgating hacks. Brush up on your know-how with this handy guide.

Prep ahead of the game.

Don’t get stuck spending the whole tailgate at the grill. Cut down your cooking time by prepping food and drinks the day before the game. You can easily prepare items like chicken wings or deviled eggs ahead of time. Have easy, refreshing drinks, like a Pimm’s Cup, already on tap. Of course, a little game day cooking is unavoidable, but you can cut down on grilling time if you par-cook items like in this recipe.

Cook in bulk.

When there’s a party full of mouths to feed, it might be smart to focus your efforts on dishes that can feed the masses. Cooking in bulk is a time-saving and budget-friendly tip for your tailgate. Some classic staples include whipping up a hearty pot of chili, bringing a crock pot of roast beef for po-boys or mixing up a big bowl of olive salad, which you can also toss on a sandwich.

Use the tools around you.

Use the tools already around you to your advantage. Tables, any straight edge or your car door latch can open beer bottles. Your car and portable phone chargers can keep your devices charged up. Plus, use your phone as a hotspot to stream games instead of toting around a satellite dish. Freeze water bottles in advance to keep your ice chest cool. Plenty of resources around the web have great DIY tricks you can keep in your back pocket, like doubling your six-pack holder as a condiment container.

Bargain buy to stay on budget.

One of the more taxing tailgating expenses is buying meat. We’re looking out for your pockets. You can save some cash by buying meat when it’s on sale, and freeze it. You can also buy cheap from the bargain bin the day of a game.

Don't limit yourself to the grill.

While grilling is typically the go-to for home game tailgating, don’t limit yourself. Use a sterno-tray set-up to ease some of the burden. Then, go buffet-style to keep warm the dishes you’ve prepped the day before. You can also take out the burners and set up a Frito pie station.

Keep your cleanup to a minimum.

Cleaning up after a tailgate is definitely a task. Avoid taking any additional work home by using paper goods and disposable items where ever possible.

Do you know other great tailgating hacks? If you would like to let Nola Weekend know about any other tips, feel free to drop us a line.

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