How To Take A Tequila Shot Based On Your Personality

One tequila, two tequila, three tequila…floor!

Think you know how to throw one back? Let's see what your personality has to say about that!

For The No-B.S.-Kind-Of-Guy

There’s something comforting about keeping things simple, which is why the salt–tequila – lime combo is one of our favorite ways to throw a shot back. Not only is this an easy combination, but it’s a timeless one that’s enthusiastically accepted by all lifestyles. Whether you’re a college student sipping or drinking a shot as a digestive aid with dinner, the salt – sip – suck method never fails!

For The Sophisticated Tequila Aficionado

This one’s for all the classy tequila drinkers out there who like to truly taste what they’re drinking. Sangrita is a tomato-citron mixture that highlights different notes in your tequila, while acting as palette cleanser in between sips. This probably isn’t the thing to order if you’re at a crowded bar Saturday night.

An easy DIY ‘Sangrita’ recipe calls for 1 oz. tomato juice, .5 oz. orange juice and a squeeze of fresh lime. More complicated recipes call for hot sauce, peppers, or grenadine.

For The Daredevil

Beware: This shot isn’t for the faint-hearted. If you can throw back a shot with ease, take your tequila experience to the next level with a Prairie Fire shot.

Per the ever-reliable Wikipedia, a “Real” Prairie Fire shot consists of 1 part tequila to 1 part Tabasco sauce. Sound dangerous? Well, it is – but there’s nothing wrong with a living a little dangerously, right?

For The Wild Child

We have yet to see this recipe published anywhere, so we’re slapping a trademark on it: Savannah’s Coffee Sunrise.

For this concoction, pour 1 part tequila, 2 parts orange juice, and 2 parts cold brew coffee over ice. Your drink should look like an ugly, discolored shade of orange.

While a tequila-orange-coffee mixture might sound (and look) a little questionable, our college selves swear that this cocktail tastes good AND gives you the energy to dance ’til the sun comes up!