The ghosts of St. Roch Cemetery, a haunted city of the dead

Two ghosts are known to haunt this city of the dead.

Stories of ghosts surround the St. Roch Cemetery, built in the late 1800s as a response to the yellow fever epidemic that hit New Orleans.

Cari Roy, a third-generation psychic medium in New Orleans, said “several resident spirits” roam St. Roch Cemetery. Two popular ghosts are known to dwell among the tombs: The ghost of a dog and the ghost of a cloaked figure.

St. Roch Cemetery

Roy said the ghost of a dog roaming inside this city of the dead has been seen disappearing into mausoleums. The cloaked ghost also walks among the cemetery. Spirits of the departed also lurk among the historic cemetery.

Roy sites local traditions honoring departed loved ones, like leaving flowers and offerings, as one reason for lingering spirits.

“We continue to have a relationship with our departed; and so they linger, so that they can be part of that relationship with us,” Roy said.

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The psychic medium also describes the spirits as comfortable, not angry or restless.

“The thing that strikes me so much about the St. Roch cemetery, as with many cemeteries, is that even though this is a place of lots of death, there is a calmness that happens here,” Roy said.

A connection to the fight-or-flight response of our anatomy that increases heart rate and gives chill bumps is one physiological way to tell when a spirit may be near, Roy said.

In the video, the psychic talks more about how she senses spirits in the St. Roch Cemetery.

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The cemetery is named for St. Roch, the patron saint of good health and protection from epidemics, among other things.

For more information about New Orleans psychic medium Cari Roy, visit her website.

For more information about St. Roch Cemetery, visit the New Orleans Catholic Cemeteries website.