These Instagram-worthy ‘designer sneauxballs’ might steal the spotlight this summer

A Gentilly sno-ball stand is serving up these Instagram-worthy creations.

Unicorn and kaleidoscope — no, these are not names of children’s toys. These are names of over-the-top “designer sneauxballs” stealing the spotlight on Instagram.

A new Gentilly sno-ball stand, Sweet Thangs by NOLA Sips, is serving up these Instagram-worthy, creative sno-balls. The treats come stuffed with various surprises like candy, ice cream, cheesecake and Little Debbie snacks and get loaded with endless sweet toppings.

Owner Stricen Carter hopes her creativity will help catapult her newest business venture. At just 22 years old and with more than 23,000 Instagram followers, the young entrepreneur is trying to carve out her own lane in the local sno-ball market, just in time for summer.

“Being new to the market, I knew I had to come strong. So I created the designer sneaxball,” Carter said.

Carter says her three best-selling flavors are birthday cake, strawberry shortcake and kaleidoscope, and she plans to further expand her designer sneauxball menu.

One of Carter’s first creations, strawberry shortcake, went viral on Instagram. She best describes it as a layered “dessert jar.”

Soft ice is drenched with strawberry shortcake syrup, then stuffed with ice cream and a Little Debbie Strawberry Shortcake Roll. The sno-ball comes topped with condensed milk and another Little Debbie snack.

Another bestseller, the kaleidoscope designer sneauxball, is the stand’s signature rainbow flavor inspired by New Orleans self-made entrepreneur Jessica Dupart. Dupart is the founder and CEO of Kaleidoscope Hair Products. Carter says Dupart has been one of her huge supporters throughout her entrepreneurial journey.

“She’s just a huge inspiration throughout the city. She gives a lot of us hope,” Carter said.

The gourmet sno-ball comes dripping with Bahama mama, kiwi and blueberry syrups. Then it gets super-stuffed with gummy worms, gummy bears, gummy strawberries and sour patch kids. The colorful creation finally gets decked out with unlimited candy garnishes like rock candy, nerd ropes and other surprises.

“The kaleidoscope is definitely going to taste like party in your mouth,” Carter said. “If you’re like a gummy worm, sour patch kid fan, you’re going to love the kaleidoscope.”

Carter already gained a huge following with her mobile bartending service, NOLA Sips, which specializes in pre-packed mixed drinks. These on-the-go drinks are like adult versions of a Capri Sun. Carter built her business as a regular second-line vendor and through collaborations with other local entrepreneurs.

Now, with her new venture, the young entrepreneur says she hopes to “keep the ball rolling.”

“The response has been crazy; it’s an experience,” Carter said. “When people come and experience the designer sneauxballs, of course, they’re taking pictures. They’re sharing.”

Sweet Thangs by NOLA Sips is located at 2111 Caton Street in New Orleans.

For more information about Sweet Thangs by NOLA Sips, visit their website and Instagram page.