This is the most popular Halloween Candy in Louisiana, source says

Halloween is right around the corner, and your favorite candies are flying off the shelves. Because candy is in high demand right now, we decided to see which Halloween candies were most popular in each state., a bulk candy distribution company, crafted an “America’s Favorite Halloween Candy” map (below) from over 13 years of candy sales data. This map breaks down the three most popular Halloween candies in each state.




According to the map, Louisiana’s most popular Halloween candy throughout the years are Lemonheads. The runner-ups are Blow Pops and Reese’s Cups. Louisiana stands as the only state to have Lemonheads as it’s top candy. A very odd No. 1, I would say!

The map (above) is interactive on computers, so hover over each state to see other popular Halloween candies. If you’re viewing this page from a smartphone, see the full breakdown below.



The data also pulled the most popular Halloween candies from across United States. Skittles took first place, while Reese’s Cups came in second.

 The Most Popular Jelly Bean Flavors by CandyStore.comSource:

Did your favorite Halloween candy make either list?