Vaucresson Sausage Co. hosting Jazz Fest pop-up for famous hot sausage po-boy in Lakeview

Fans of the iconic hot sausage po-boy can add the dish to their "Jazz Festing in Place" celebrations this weekend.

Fans of the iconic hot sausage po-boy can add the dish to their “Jazz Festing in Place” celebrations this weekend. Long-standing Jazz Fest vendor Vaucresson Sausage Co. joins other popular food vendors hosting pop-ups to stay afloat.

Vaucresson Sausage Co. will host a pop-up at Lakeview restaurant The Backyard, 244 Harrison Avenue, on Saturday, May 2.

vaucresson sausage co.

Fans can scoop up the family’s famous hot sausage, crawfish sausage and chicken sausage at the curbside pick-up from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Options include purchasing po-boys or five-pound packs of pre-packaged sausages.

Customers must pre-order via e-mail at and pre-pay in advance to aid in limited contact during the curbside pick-up.

Photo courtesy: Vaucresson Sausage Co.

Co-owners Vance and Julie Vaucresson told Liz Reyes in an interview with FOX 8 News that the Jazz Fest cancellation forced them to “think out the box.”

“It’s a big adjustment. We have to immediately start planning and deciding how we’re going to try to make up for such a great loss,” Vance Vaucresson said.

Several New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival food vendors have found creative ways to sell signature dishes to fans trying to find a sense of normalcy during the coronavirus crisis.

vaucresson sausage co.
Photo courtesy: Vaucresson Sausage Co.

“We can’t let this second week of Jazz Fest go by without serving our po-boys like we would at the Fair Grounds,” Julie Vaucresson said.

The Vaucresson family could also soon return to their Seventh Ward roots with a home base in its historic neighborhood. Vance revealed that changes brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic has “instigated” the family to “take more action.”

Plans are underway for the Vaucresson family to redevelop the company’s old butcher shop into affordable apartments and a Vaucresson Sausage Co. cafe.

vaucresson sausage co.
Photo courtesy: Vaucresson Sausage Co.

Vance also offered advice for other struggling business owners dealing with challenges during the pandemic. He points to the city’s resiliency in the face of other historic tragedies.

“We have had so many things that have happened which have knocked us down but we always have found a way to get up,” Vince said. “This is just one more thing, and this too shall pass.”

For updates about the pop-up and future events, visit the Vaucresson Sausage Company Facebook page.


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