Do You Want to Join This ‘Epic Act of Trolling’ the Atlanta Falcons?

Hear a plan to shame the Atlanta Falcons for their epic Super Bowl loss.

One local business wants to take trolling the Atlanta Falcons to a whole new level.  Dirty Coast, the local t-shirt shop, is recruiting Saints fans to contribute money for a taunting billboard near the rival’s stadium.

Blake Haney, owner of Dirty Coast and a Saints fan, came up with the billboard idea after creating a t-shirt with the “subtle” reminder of the Falcons’ epic Super Bowl loss. The first shipment of t-shirts sold out quickly, which meant Saints fans like the idea of taunting their biggest rivalry.

While Haney has already found a billboard company in Atlanta with an available spot near the Falcons stadium, he says has not yet submitted the artwork to the company.

“We hope we don’t get any push back from the billboard company in Atlanta. I’m fairly certain the billboard companies in New Orleans won’t have any problem with it but we’ll see about Atlanta,” Haney said.

He plans on running the digital billboard for one week in Atlanta and one week in New Orleans during the rival games in their respective hometowns.

“We think one week is enough time to get enough impressions and troll the Atlanta fans,” Haney said.

Haney says he’s already hit his goal to purchase the billboards. He says any additional contributions will be donated to Children’s Hospital in New Orleans and Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta.

Learn more about the campaign at Dirty Coast’s website.

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