Weird Homes? Here’s a tour letting curious visitors explore on Nov. 10

Proud owners of some of the city’s most eccentric and offbeat homes will open their doors to guests. The Weird Homes Tour will give curious visitors a glimpse into eight unique homes on Saturday, Nov. 10.

The tour of unconventional living spaces returns for its second year from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

During a self-paced, self-driving tour, visitors will see eight of the most magical and “weird” homes New Orleans has to offer. With the purchase of a ticket, Weird Homes Tour will provide a map of the homes. Visitors can take a self-guided tour throughout the day, viewing homes at their leisure.

In many cases, the owners are in their homes, available to answer questions and dive deeper into the unique design and décor found within their walls.

“We started the Weird Homes Tour because reality TV would have you believe that very house needs a farm sink and boring  shiplap on he walls,” co-founder David J. Neff said. “We want to fight that trend. People come to our tours to be inspired -to go home and paint a wall yellow, instead of Eggshell No. 09864.”

Tickets are $30 in advance or $35 on the day of tours. A VIP ticket for $45 grants unlimited access to one VIP house, Wally’s World, and some cool Weird Homes Tour swag.

The Weird Homes Tour will donate 10 percent of all ticket proceeds to a local affordable housing nonprofit. Children thirteen and younger can tour for free.

Here’s a preview of some of the homes visitors can see on the tour:

Museum of Bad Taste

This home features one of the finest collections of Eisenhower/Kennedy/Nixon-vintage furnishings and accessories in town, the kitschier the better. At the Museum of Bad Taste, everything has a story.

Inn at the Old Jail

Built as a New Orleans police jail and patrol station in 1902, this Queen Anne beauty became a library, then a much-loved community center before it was damaged and abandoned in the 2005 flood. Now, it has been transformed into an Inn that attracts curious, adventurous and easygoing travelers.

Third Street Secret Museum

The Third Street Secret Museum showcases a collection of collections acquired over 10 years. This home features a display of memorabilia and vintage furnishings, from an authentic Indiana Jones costume to lovingly curated ink pen collection.

KAN House

For last year’s inaugural Weird Homes Tour, the KAN House was still under construction. In the year since Anne and Kicker have finished construction and are proud to reveal their finished home, made of 7 converted shipping containers.

Magazine Street Remaker Home

This weird home is located across the street from Up/Unique Products, the homeowners’ shop on Magazine Street. Featuring found and recycled art with a focus on sustainability, this home is a veritable art gallery, with paintings and creations along every wall and surface.

Gallery of Good Taste

The Gallery of Good Taste shares a balcony with ‘The Museum of Bad Taste’ and is the home studio to world-renowned artist Isabelle Jacopin. This home is a working-artist’s lair, with few furnishings, a clutter of art supplies and walls filled with paintings, explosive in color and energy.

Wally’s World

One of last year’s most popular homes returns! This home features a striking design that stands out in the Lake View neighborhood, authentic 1950’s retro furniture and over the top Mardi Gras decor.

The Weird Homes Tour, founded in 2014, celebrates unconventional homes in unique cities.

For more information visit Weird Homes website.