Wendy’s bringing back 50-cent Frosties just in time for summer

Wendy’s wants to give a sweet start to summer to Frosty fans everywhere. The fast food chain says they’re bringing back 50-cent small Frosties for the summer.

Source: Wendy’s via Facebook

“A 50¢ Small Frosty is almost like highway robbery, but we’ll let you get away with it,” the company wrote on its Instagram page.

Frosties for just 50 cents? Why, thank you, Wendy’s.

Yes, a small Frosty will set you back 50 cents at Wendy’s for a limited time, of course.

“The 50¢ Frosty offer is a certified fan favorite and we couldn’t think of a better way to help our customers kick-off the summer,” said Kurt Kane, Wendy’s executive vice president, chief concept and marketing officer. “Everyone has their favorite way to enjoy our classic treat and really the only way you can go wrong is by not getting to Wendy’s today to take advantage of this amazing deal before it’s gone.”

If you want to step up your Frosty game, the fast food chain also debuted a new Frosty Cookie Sundae for a limited time.

Frosty Cookie Sundae

Source: Wendy’s Frosty Cookie Sundae

The new Frosty Cookie Sundae comes in two flavors: vanilla and chocolate. With your choice of frosty, the sweet treat is then topped with chocolate chunk cookie bites and Ghirardelli Chocolate Sauce.

Wendy’s also made a spicy comeback by announcing the return of their beloved spicy chicken nuggets after a tweet teasing the return went viral.

There’s no word on exactly when the item will officially hit menus, yet. However, the restaurant chain confirmed the return of the fan-favorite food item via Twitter.

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