What are the most-Googled Thanksgiving recipes by state?

Is Popeye’s Cajun turkey the new turkey standard? Does green bean casserole top cornbread dressing? These are the questions popping up after a report released the most-Googled Thanksgiving recipes by state.

In Louisiana, cornbread dressing may be what you’ll find most on Thanksgiving tables this year. The side dish was the most search recipe in the state, according to the report.

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The report conduced by SatelliteInternet unveiled which Thanksgiving recipes people are searching most frequently on Google around the United States.

One of the most interesting findings was how just how much Popeye’s Cajun turkey are on people’s minds. Well, maybe it’s not that surprising here in the South.  However, the report pinpointed Popeye’s fans in Illinois, Virginia, and Mississippi.

Actually, various versions of turkey popped up in Google searches, which is not surprising for Turkey Day. Aside from the Popeye’s Cajun version, folks also searched for turkey and turkey brine.

However, turkey isn’t the only festive finding of the report. Here are the other popular Thanksgiving dishes people are searching for, according to SatelliteInternet.

Photo courtesy: SatelliteInternet

Here are some other interesting findings the site reported about Southern states:

  • Georgia has given up on turkey altogether and is sticking with honey-baked ham.
  • On the other hand, cornbread dressing from Louisiana looks like the perfect alternative to a dry ol’ stuffing.
  • Only North Carolina and South Carolina understand the importance of a fantastic mac and cheese with your Thanksgiving dinner.

To get the scoop on Thanksgiving favorites, SatelliteInternet says analysts used the top-search recipes in every food-related category on Google Trends from November 2017. Analysts then cross-referenced those popular searches with similar recipes in Google Trends. The data revealed which states had the highest search volume for each recipe.

For more details about the findings, visit the website SatelliteInternet.com.