What’s the difference between yams and sweet potatoes?

Which one do you know and love?

What’s The Difference Between Yams and Sweet Potatoes?

Is it a yam or is it a sweet potato – or are they the same potato? Well, turns out they’re not one and the same, they aren’t even potatoes.

The root of the confusion begins here: In the 1930’s Louisiana farmers developed an orange variety of sweet potato, the ones we’re most familiar with.

In order to differentiate between the new orange sweet potato and the already established and popular yellow sweet potato, they called it a yam. The term yam was already popular because slaves from West Africa compared it to the yams they grew in Africa. So, it just was a marketing ploy.

The names sweet potato and yam are used interchangeably and often mislabeled grocery stores. Those stores are required to include the term ‘sweet potato’ on labels that have the term ‘yam.’

So, it turns out you’ve probably never even eaten a yam, but we hope this clears up some of the confusion. Be sure and watch the video to learn the differences between the two.

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