What’s the most popular Valentine’s Day candy in Louisiana?

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, which means many sweethearts will soon scope out candy treats to gift their loved ones on the special day.

According to CandyStore.com, consumers are expected to spend more than $2.4 billion this year for the holiday, known for indulgent gifts.

Yes, that’s a lot of candy! But the simple and sweet gesture of candy gifts is a relatively inexpensive tradition for the holiday all about love and romance.

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According to the site, conversation hearts are the most popular Valentine’s Day candy in Louisiana. The site lists heart-shaped box of chocolates as the state’s second favorite candy, while M&Ms come in third.

In other Southern states, heart-shaped box of chocolates reigned supreme among Valentine’s Day candies. Around the Gulf Coast, Mississippi, Georgia and Florida all listed the item in the top spot.

Texas seems to favor Hershey Kisses above other candies for the holiday, while in “Sweet Home Alabama” candy necklaces are the sweet treat of choice.

The website says it complied sales data from the past 12 years from their online bulk candy store and industry partners to determine the most popular Valentine’s Day candy.

The map below illustrates the favorite Valentine’s Day candy in each state.

Hover over the interactive map to see the popular candy in other states:


Source: CandyStore.com.