Who are you? FOX 8 launches ‘The Masked Anchor’ contest; see the first contestant

FOX 8 just launched a contest based on the hit show “The Masked Singer,” a singing competition where judges and viewers guess the identities of celebrity contestants completely hidden behind masks and elaborate costumes.

Our version is called “The Masked Anchor,” where we challenge our viewers to guess which member of our FOX 8 News team is behind the mask.

Make sure you watch closely because you can win a trip to a show taping of “The Masked Singer” next year.

So here’s how the contest works:

For the next three weeks, make sure you watch FOX 8 Morning Edition at 9 a.m. Each week, during the newscast, we’ll show you a masked anchor. The vignette will feature a series of clues from one of our anchors or reporters disguised in costume, similar to the show. After the final week, head to our contest page and make your guesses.

Anyone who guesses all four masked anchors correctly will be eligible for a chance to win the grand prize: A trip for two to Los Angeles to watch a taping of the masked singer in late-January or February.

Got it? Okay, good.

We launched the first of four masked anchors on Wednesday morning during Fox 8 Morning Edition at 9 a.m.

In case you missed it, here’s a look at the video. Make sure you listen for the clues!

Okay, so let’s break down this clue package.

Let me preface this by saying I’m being kept completely in the dark about each masked anchor. So, I’m guessing just like you guys!

This week’s contestant is the Thingamajig. OMG. I love that name! Does this person have gadgets and gizmos aplenty?

First of all, let’s get into this costume. The costume is giving me some serious medieval vibes, okay. Hmmm… I wonder if that’s a clue.

I also think it’s a guy based on the build…and the shoes! However, maybe they’re dressed like that to throw us off. I don’t know!

Going off the clue package, the biggest clue for me is, “My family name may be familiar…” One person that immediately comes to mind is Rob Kreiger. His grandfather, Bob Krieger, was also a journalist.

Also, based on the package, this person is an LSU alumnus… or alumna, technically since we don’t know (but I still think it’s a guy).

Y’all, that makes it harder because we have sooooo many LSU graduates on staff!!! Go Tigers!

Rob Krieger fits into that category, as well. Another person who comes to mind is Chris Hagan, who is also an LSU graduate. You know what? Garland Gillen is a viable option, too. He went to LSU.

They’re also around the same height, so it’s possible, right?

Another good clue is “anchoring and reporting.” Don’t miss that one, guys! So we know this person is both an anchor and a reporter. All three of these guys fit that description.

Also, the clue “growing up north of NOLA by the water” gives me the idea that this person might be from the Northshore. Krieger is from the Northshore. I know Chris Hagan grew up on the Northshore, too. I’m not exactly sure where Garland grew up.

Maybe I should investigate! Let’s get Lee Zurik on the case!! Will he help me out?

I’m not quite sure what “in the mountains” means yet, since everyone knows we are below sea level. Maybe its a clue for a subdivision? I don’t know, y’all.

One of the clues that throws me off the most is, “I wore a helmet and pads.” This gives me the idea that this person was possibly involved in a contact sport during college.

So, I know all of these guys love sports, but I’m not aware of anyone formerly being an athlete. It couldn’t be football, because I think I would have known. Maybe it was intramural sports. Maybe it’s not football at all. Could this person have been catcher on the baseball team? Maybe they got benched the first year or quit the team? Maybe that’s why I don’t know.

That’s a hard clue, guys. Who are you, masked anchor?

Well, here are my top three picks for this week:

I think it’s a strong possibility it’s Rob Kreiger, though.

Here’s where you can make your picks!

Make sure you guys stay tuned for the rest of the contest. Here’s a recap of when to watch:

Thursday 11/7 during Fox 8 Morning Edition at 9 a.m.:  Masked Anchor #2 vignette airs
Thursday 11/14 during Fox 8 Morning Edition at 9 a.m.: Masked Anchor #3 vignette airs
Thursday 11/21 during Fox 8 Morning Edition at 9 a.m.: Masked Anchor #4 vignette airs

After the last vignette airs, head to FOX8live.com/contests to view all the vignettes again and make your best guess at who is under each mask.

The Masked Anchor contest is sponsored by Juan Lafonta & Associates and A-1 Appliance Bedding & Furniture.