Who are you? See the second contestant in FOX 8’s ‘The Masked Anchor’ contest

FOX 8 released clues about the second contestant in our new contest called “The Masked Anchor.”

In case you haven’t been keeping up, we launched a new contest where we challenge our viewers to guess which member of our FOX 8 News team is behind the mask.

Sounds vaguely familiar? Yes, it’s our version based on the popular singing competition show “The Masked Singer.”

Make sure you watch closely because you can win a trip to a show taping of “The Masked Singer” next year.

Still lost? I go into more detail about how the contest works in my previous post. You can also catch up on our first masked anchor, if you missed it. However, we hope you’ve been watching our newscast and already know exactly what we’re talking about (*inserts shameless plug).

We released the second of four masked anchors on Thursday morning during Fox 8 Morning Edition at 9 a.m.

In case you missed it, here’s a look at the next video. Make sure you listen for the clues!

Okay, let’s get to decoding these clues.

Let me remind you that I’m guessing along with everyone else. I don’t know the masked anchors in advance just because I work here. I promise!

This masked anchor is the Flamingo. I’m seriously jealous of this person who got a chance to dance among these super cute flamingos at Audubon Zoo. A day out in the sun right now sounds amazing. The weather these past couple of weeks has been perfect!

Okay, let me focus! Focus, Shan!

This contestant’s costume really makes a bold statement. I recently found out that Carl Mack Presents is behind this costume giving me all the Mardi Gras vibes!

Somebody put this Flamingo on a float, please! This is serious grand marshal status!

Unfortunately, the oversized costume also makes it harder to get any visual clues about our mystery masked anchor. And do you guys see these confusing camera angles? I can’t even really determine the height. Oh, the trickery!

One thing in the clue package that jumps out at me is “eye of the storm.” That’s a strong weather reference. Could the masked anchor be a meteorologist? Is it David Bernard?

Did you peep the dance moves? Is that a clue? Everyone knows David has an obsession with the 610 Stompers. Ask Lee Zurik about it! David even auditioned for the team before!

Maybe it’s our newest meteorologist, Zack Fradella!

However, as you know in Southeast Louisiana, hurricanes and tropical storms are a common occurrence. So, really, it could be anybody! Our whole news team gets thrown into the action!

The clue package also includes phrases like “big stories,” “newsrooms across North America,” “many years,” and “great journalism.” This leads me to believe our masked anchor is a veteran in the business.

Anytime I think of veteran news anchor, I think of John Snell. He is the real deal, okay! When you look up great journalism in the dictionary, his picture should be next to it.

Another clue is “biggest stories that made national and international news.” Could this reference one of Lee Zurik’s many blockbuster investigative reports? He’s basically the Superman or Captain America (take your pick, DC or Marvel) of investigative journalism! Lee always breaks the big stories that hold public officials accountable. That’s great journalism!

Okay guys, let’s look into one more clue, “Magic City.” A quick Google search (because geography has never been my strong suit) unfortunately reveals a plethora of cities around the U.S. referred to as the “Magic City.” The most common reference is most likely Birmingham, but I’ve also heard it used to reference Atlanta. Don’t be afraid to utilize Google to figure out these clues, y’all.

So maybe this person was a reporter in Birmingham or Atlanta prior to the New Orleans market. All of our veteran journalists have been at FOX 8 for years, so maybe this is a little-known fact.

Y’all, this is the hardest case to crack so far! I am completely stumped. I need to rely on my inner Olivia Benson or Olivia Pope for this one!

Who are you, masked anchor?

Here are my top picks for this week:


Hey, don’t take my word for it. Make your own pick!

Here’s where you can make your picks!

Make sure you guys stay tuned for the rest of the contest. Here’s a recap of when to watch:

Thursday 11/14 during Fox 8 Morning Edition at 9 a.m.: Masked Anchor #3 vignette airs
Thursday 11/21 during Fox 8 Morning Edition at 9 a.m.: Masked Anchor #4 vignette airs

After the last vignette airs on Nov. 21, head to FOX8live.com/contests to view all the vignettes again and make your best guess at who is under each mask.

The Masked Anchor contest is sponsored by Juan Lafonta & Associates and A-1 Appliance Bedding & Furniture.