World Whisky Day – Meet the women who make your favorite Scotch whisky

Meet the all-female management team at the world renowned Talisker distillery.

By Bobby Childs

World Whisky Day, a day of global whisky celebration, falls on Saturday, May 18. While you’re responsibly enjoying a dram of your favorite whisky, learn about the all-female management team at Talisker, a distillery producing one of the world’s most celebrated Scotch whiskies.

Talisker is located on the beautifully rugged and scenic Isle of Skye, just off Scotland’s west coast.  In 2018, the distillery added Diane Farrel to their management team.  Farrel, Talisker’s new Senior Site Manager, oversees the distillery and visitor’s center.  With a master’s degree in chemical engineering, Farrel cut her teeth at other distilleries before moving into her leadership role at Talisker. She is young, well educated, and extremely passionate about whisky.

Photo courtesy: Diageo

Farrel is also a rarity in the still male-dominated whisky world in that she leads the distillery team at Talisker.  Even more rare, in fact, is that Talisker’s management team is entirely female.

“For me what’s captivated the world with Scotch whisky is that times are changing massively,” said Farrel.  “It’s no longer a ‘man’s drink’.”

Fiona Macintyre, Brand Home Manager for Talisker, added, “It’s not just men that are running the industry.  Females are involved, and there are more and more women in the whisky industry now.”

One of Farrel’s biggest challenges is to make sure the globally revered whisky they distill stays consistent from batch to batch, but she’s ready and empowered to take it on with the help of her team.

“By having an all-female management team, it’s not about ticking a box of having all females,” said Farrel.  “It’s about having the right people in the right job, and I’m really proud of them.”

So, this World Whisky Day, raise a glass to the women who, day in and day out, are making some of the best whiskies in the world.  Sláinte!