You can cool off with new Kit Kat Ice Cream just in time for summer

Kit Kat lovers can now pick up on their favorite candy in ice cream form. The brand has released a new ice cream flavor just in time for the summer.


Source: Walmart

Now, we have even more reasons to cool off after spending some time in the sun. It’s a light, but rich, chocolate ice cream with mixed with real Kit Kat pieces that complete the treat with a crispy, chocolatey crunch.

The new Kit Kat flavor is sold at Walmart and costs about $3.48, according to the website. The website also tells customers whether the cool treat is available in stock or not, saving you a blank trip to the store.

Plus, here’s some good news for those of you watching calories when you decide to try it: It’s a lighter ice cream made with skim milk.

This means you can indulge your chocolate and candy craving with a little less guilt. Each half-cup (4-ounce) serving is 170 calories.

Earlier this year, Nestle released a Kit Kat Drumstick ice cream treat. It’s a vanilla ice cream cone with a creamy fudge center covered by a hard chocolate shell and Kit Kat pieces. Instagram user Snackgator showed off the new snack when it debuted in January:

Either way, our hearts are smiling right now. For more on this chocolately treat, visit the site.