You’ll Fall Crazy in Love With This Local Beyoncé-Inspired Drink

The extremely refreshing drink might win you over.

Besides being one of New Orleans’ most popular brunch spots, Willa Jean also seems to have a knack for creating some of the city’s trendy frozen drinks.

We recently learned that one of Chef/partner Kelly Field’s popular frozen cocktails, “Drunk in Love Watermelon” came from a special source of inspiration. Fields is a huge fan of the multi-talented pop icon Beyoncé.

“It’s incredibly easy to drink, which is very refreshing and extremely dangerous all at once,” Fields said.

Willa Jean already won hearts over this summer after kicking off the New Orleans craze for the frosé. Now, this drink has quickly become a local favorite as well.

Fields explains why being a Beyoncé fanatic was the inspiration behind this frozen cocktail.


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