Yuk! Countdown of the Worst Christmas Candy Ever

Consumers will spend an estimated $1.93 billion on candy this holiday season, but some consumers have strong opinions about the tasty treats they hate.

A survey was conducted by Candystore.com author Clair Robins to rank the worst Christmas candies. More than 13,000 customers responded the survey. Data miners narrowed the responses down to the top 10 worst holiday candies.

“When we asked our customers to give a couple optional words to explain their choice for the worst…woah, did the floodgates open,” Robins said. “It’s like they have been waiting for an outlet for their bad candy juju to flow.”

Check out the slideshow for the countdown of the top 10 most-hated holiday candy.

10. Old-Fashioned Hard Candy Mix

9. Ribbon Candy

8. Candy Canes - Non-Peppermint

7. White Peppermint M&M's

6. Lifesavers Story Books

5. Chocolate-Covered Cherry Cordials

4. Peppermint Bark

3. Peeps

2. Reindeer Corn

1. Christmas Tree Nougat