Zapp’s teases ‘unique’ King Cake Gumbotator chip flavor as April Fools’ joke

Louisiana-based chip brand Zapp’s had a little fun on social media for April Fools’ Day.

Last year, many companies refrained from the customary April Fools’ Day pranks due to the ongoing pandemic, but Zapp’s is one local brand bringing back the shenanigans for 2021.

In a social media post, the company teased what appeared to be a new chip flavor called “King Cake Gumbotator.”

You have to admit. It’s so New Orleans.

Source: Zapp’s Potato Chips via Facebook

“NEW FLAVOR ALERT! King Cake Gumbotator. It doesn’t get much more NOLA than this. After months of carefully tasting flavors and testing for that unique NOLA flavor experience, we’ve created a daringly delicious flavor that is unmatched,” Zapp’s Potato Chips said in a Facebook post.

The post includes a link directing to a website showing the flavor as a sold-out product listed for $29.99.

However, more details under the product description reveal that the new flavor is just an April Fools’ prank.

“April Fool’s! Good news, please use discount code “KINGCAKE” for 50% off of the Zapp’s products listed here,” the website says.

Hey, at least fans of the chip brand can get a discount out of the situation.


Some Facebook users were seemingly convinced Zapp’s was really offering a new chip flavor, while others caught on to the prank.

“Dang it… y’all had me for a second. Sitting here trying to figure out what the heck that would taste like 😝🤣,” one comment said.

“Lolz thank God today is April Fools. That flavor didn’t even sound appealing,” another user posted.

Founded in 1985 by the late Ron Zappe, Zapp’s is known for its kettle-cooked chips with unique, New Orleans-themed flavors. The chips are cooked and packaged at a plant in Gramercy, Louisiana.

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